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Mission. Vision. My Story.
Healing Therapy


Healing Yoga with Elana seeks to guide clients to connect with their own healing energy within themselves, private or group setting, using yoga, breath work, and meditation to cultivate balance and peace. I started this journey with a mission to fulfill my dharma this round on earth, to be a guide for healing.


Through private one-on-one sessions, group classes, retreats, and workshops, Healing yoga with Elana provides a safe warm environment for seekers. Clients are those interested in connecting with the healing power within them and finding balance, peace, clarity through the practices of yoga, breath work, and meditation. Clients are open to widening their toolbox of resources in their own healing journey. Elana Master uses her knowledge of these practices, alongside the wisdom of the chakra system, nature, and her intuition to create individual and collective pathways to healing. 

Elana believes that as each of us increase the peace within ourselves, we have a powerful effect on increasing peace in the world around us.

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Elana Master | founder & practitioner | Healing Yoga with Elana

Founder and Practitioner

Healing Yoga with Elana

Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation, Educator, Intuitive Empath

Certified Yoga Instructor (YAC RYT 200)

Music Educator (M.A.)

Meet Elana Master

Elana Master, a Putnam Valley, NY resident and Hudson Valley native, arrives with 20 years of experience in Yoga (varied styles) and Teaching (private and group classes.) Her craft has transformed over the last few years as she established Healing Yoga with Elana, offering yoga classes online and privately, as well as workshops and retreats. She is thrilled to offer in-person classes at Universal Healing Arts in the community she loves, as of January 2024.


Elana has had life altering experiences that have brought her to this moment; a traumatic back injury in 2017, birthing premature twins at the beginning of the pandemic of 2020, developing chronic Long Covid in 2022, and an unexpected career change and spiritual shifts. On her healing journey she traveled near and far, met with healers, and dove into a variety of spiritual practices to address the myriad of compounding issues. These include vinyasa yoga, kundalini yoga, yin yoga, restorative yoga, as well as studying Buddhism, Judaism, Sutras of patanjali, and meeting with healers in Thailand, Israel, and here in New York and New Jersey.


She has always been a seeker and realized that although she could find some healing outside of herself, her truest transformation only began when she turned within. As one works with their own healing energy through yoga, breathwork, meditation, and connecting deeply with the chakra energy centers, the healing process quickens. It is this path to healing that she hopes to share with, and guide you on, though your own unique journey.


She leans into the healing powers of yoga, breathwork, and meditation in her class offerings, whether it is a Gentle Embodied Yoga class or a Restorative Chakra Informed Yoga class. She is also passionate about providing Yoga for Educators, as she herself taught Music in public schools for fifteen years. 


One of the best ways to help repair the world is to begin with oneself, to heal and restore the body to wholeness. This is a daily practice that is ever changing, like yourself. Just as each moment is brand new, so renews our opportunity to heal. The body is constantly working to heal, and if we listen carefully, it can give us messages as to how to help it along.


It is with gratitude to the universe that I am here now, sharing my journey with all who will join me, to the center of healing that resides within ourselves.

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